Here we are. We are here, in this dark space.

A moment in time we will wish to efface, the moments when the meaning of humanity was replaced.

Some are angry, some are fearful, and some float through with such grace.
Is it heaven? Is it hell? Or are we in a race?

All on the same path, looking for the ace.
A true sign of someone we need to replace, is a leader who misleads and acts in disgrace.

Some are tired, some are sick, some are hell bound and love the chase.
Some look down their noses and can’t see past their own face.

For most, if not all, are all out of place.
Some are rude, some are nice, some see others as a saving grace, while others they wish that they could erase.

They all look for a like mind that they can embrace, but division and fear is the disease that spreads from race to race.
Killing them one by one, not concerned with case by case.

In the end, we can see them in debase.
Walk, run, jog… whatever you do, keep the pace!

Because here we are, we are here – in this dark place.