Shut up! And listen to me – and only me!

I am all knowing and will tell you who you will be.

You see me on the big screen, you see me in the news. I am who you look up to – I am your muse!

Don’t question my baseless facts, just listen to my spews. Doesn’t it sound real to you? All else is just a bunch of skews.

Question my authority and i’ll pass judgement on you. But don’t you dare judge me, I am with the WHO!

I know you better than you know yourself. Your brains all work like a wind up elf. So don’t get all high and mighty. You are but a statistic on the shelf!

You should be dancing with glee in the presence of me. So just shut up and listen! – They’de all agree.

I know what is best for you, which is what is best for me. I am all knowing, I am in the big league. We can all go back to normal when I am done playing with thee.