WRITTEN BY: Terri-Lyne Gedanitz

A door stands in front of me. Heavy, thick, sturdy. Layers of stain applied over the years cracked and faded with time. Sap oozes through the grains of the wood. It is built from experience to withstand the tests of time. To hold its own under pressures of the unknown.

The handle – Dusty, old and rusted. Seized from years of neglect. Faded Finger prints visible as signs of lost attempts to be opened.

A peep hole allows a small view to see the other side. The glass Fogged and obscured any sights on the other side. Everything appearing as a blurry mirage of Shades. Shadows pacing … waiting.

A sense of peace came with the door closed. The dust settled and the door took comfort in its permanent home, undisturbed.
I was safe behind this door. Separate from the shadows scratching and banging on the other side.

As time went by, loneliness formed a wish – to see the other side. Driving me deeper into fear of the unknown, yet the desire to know of it.

A familiar sound. A loud hard knock vibrates the door from the otherside, stirring the dust. Another crack forms. Curious, I peek through the hole. I see a white foggy mirage on the other side.

“Who is it?” I squeaked with uncertainty.

“Hope” Says a mysterious voice from other side.

“Hope? That’s a pretty name!”

“Please open the door and let me in!”

“What do you want? I asked suspiciously.

“To give you Faith” Exclaims Hope.

What do I need faith for?”

“To find Desire”

“I heard Desire leads to trouble. I think the door should stay shut”

“Ah. You lost sight of me! Open the door so I can give you Faith back.” Hope says.

“Why do I need Faith?”

“So Desire stays”

“Why do I want Desire to stay if it’s trouble?”

“Desire isn’t all trouble! Leads to Passion” Hope exclaims followed by a giggle.

“I have no hope or faith or desire to find passion” I say sternly.

“That’s because you won’t let us in. Let us in and introduce ourselves. If I don’t give you Faith to find Desire, then I’ll go.”

“Okay. I will try. I hope it opens! It’s been a very long time since I had faith”.

“That the spirit!”

It was too long since the door was opened. I reached for the handle and tried turning it — It wouldn’t budge.

“It seems as though the handle has been rusted with time.” Frustration escapes in my tone.

“Time didn’t rust the handle. Tears from loneliness rusted it. You need Desire to help you”.

“But Desire is not here.”

“He will be shortly” exclaims Hope.

“Don’t I need to meet you and Faith first before I meet Desire?”

“We are both here now. Have faith and try the handle again”.

So, I take a deep breath and try to turn the handle once again. It still does not budge.

“I guess Faith is not strong enough for your door” says Hope.

“What do I do now?” I sigh.

“We will wait for Desire to show”

“When will Desire be here?” I was getting excited. My heart started to race from the anticipation.

“Do you want Desire now?”

“Yes, very much so!” I managed to tell out.

“Faith will bring Desire soon” Said Hope.

A long silence followed. An unfamiliar sound – a soft knock vibrates the door. It begged to be explored. I put my ear against the door. The coldness of the wood felt as though it were made of metal. Again, a soft knock is felt. Thisxtine, it sends vibrations throughout my body, tingling from my head to my toes. An intense feeling of curiosity consumes me. I look through the hole once again. A black foggy mirage is appears.

“Who’s there?” I whisper through the door.

“It’s Desire!”

“Hi Desire. Will you help me open this door?”

“Okay. I’ll push and you pull!”

Once again I pulled, but this time I used all my strength. The handle still did not move. Almost as though it was never made to open. Permanently sealed.

“I think I am locked in here forever” I cried. “It would be nice to let the dust blow away and let light in” I sobbed.

I stood in silence hugging the chiseled bones of the magnificent old door. Seemingly indestructible, sturdy, yet lightly disturbed. Desire pushes at the door from the other side. It holds its ground, cracking a little each time under the pressure. The mirages waiting to free the mystery behind the door. The mystery being me.

“We need passion to knock the door down!” Desire exclaims.

“Passion!” I call out.

“Yes, louder! Passion will help you open the door” Exclaims Desire.

“What if Passion can’t help?”

“Have faith. Passion is strong. Passion is what Desire needs to keep Hope.” Says Hope.

“When will Passion come?” I ask in desperation.

“Depends. How much do you want to open the door?” Desire asks.

“Well. I really want to meet you all. You all sound exciting and mysterious!”

I slide down the door onto the floor, pondering the unknown on the other side. A tear escapes. Desires words begin to burn deep inside me.

A few moments of silence pass before an unfamiliar sound is heard – a soft voice vibrates through the door, crawling up my spine. My heart pounds like never before. I quickly stand up and push my ear up against the door. A faint laugh is all that is heard. I peer through the hole. A grey foggy mirage forms on the other side.

A tingling feeling sweeps over me. Hair raises on every inch of my body. Heart pounds harder, faster. I hold my breath to listen deeper. I feel hot. A deep passion rises within me. I grab at the old handle and pull. Still seized.

Another soft knock and a sweet whisper is heard. “Open the door please. I’m what you have hoped for. What you had faith would come. What you have desired all along. It’s Passion. Please try harder!”

I was losing Hope and Faith. The longer the door stayed shut the less likely they stayed.

A surge of frustration over comes me. I want to see what is on the other side. The feeling grows stronger. I pull on the handle harder. Still nothing. I jiggle it in hopes it will loosen. Nothing.

Desires shadow grows larger on the other side. They seemed to mix together. I wanted to see what was on the other side, but it was too blurry through the peep hole.

All my sadness, frustration, fear, anger and love swelled up inside. Energy burst through me like a lightening bolt, giving me unknown strength. I take a deep breath and grab at the handle one last time.

This time Passion helped. Reassuring me on the other side it was the thing I desired and hoped for.

I wiggled the door handle. I kicked and jumped at the door. Scratching and banging on it with all my might. Tears collecting in my eyes. I pleaded the door to open.

“Can you please push on the door? It might give under all your strength combined. We might be able to knock it down!” I pleaded to them through the door.

Hope, faith, Desire and Passion banged and pushed on the door with all their might. Each time it cracked under the pressure. I grabbed the handle and yanked as though there was nothing on earth that I wanted more.

Moments later the door handle falls to the floor, leaving the door sealed. I helplessly crumble to the floor. Tears escaping my eyes. I was Losing Hope and Faith, but Desire stayed strong. One last time they gathered all their strength and ran at the door.


The door smashes into pieces around me. Light swallows me up. I am blinded.

A blurry Mirage comes into view. It’s passion! Beautiful and filled with Desire. Hope and faith stood behind them. A grey angel forms before my eyes. Mixture of all that is good and bad. All that is desired. They stare at me in a heap on the floor. Scared, lost and confused.

“Are you ready? “

I look up squinting from the light. Tear stains my cheeks.

“Ready for what?” I asked curiously, staring at the magnificent creature in bewilderment.

“To explore your passion and desire!”

“Do I have a choice? My door is shattered to pieces.” I sob.

“Now that you have found passion and desire you will not want to close the door again. And if you do, I am sure we can put the pieces back together”.

“Okay. Since I now know passion, I have the desire to meet love. That is where my passion rests. Will I ever meet love? “

“If passion and desire is there”. Says Hope

“Passion? Will you show me love please?”

“If desire is strong enough, Love will find you and I will help you to keep it”.

I smile. Relieved and confident, I get up from my lonely chamber and walk through the opened door into the unknown, with PASSION – to find love.