Once upon a time…

There was a time when there was no time.

Time stood still…

We had all the time in the world for a long time.

Time and time again, we rise with the sun, as though the sun is timed.

Life was timeless.

There is always a first time for every time.

Then came the time when we timed it all.

Every time, was like the last time.

Time and time again…

In time, time flew by.

Keeping time was our best friend.

In due time, time became money.

Spending time each time we counted our time.

For our lifetime, every time.

Time lost its meaning.

Waiting till the end of time…

Sometimes for the last time…

Ask yourself, did you have time for this?

Did you lose time reading this?

Was it worth your time?

Did you have a good time?

You’ll never get this time back!

Or will you read this, time and time again?

Only time will tell 😉


*photography and literature are copyright by the author of this blog.