NYC midnight short  screenplay challenge 2017 is a worldwide competition where writers are given a genre, Location and item to write a 5 page script in under 48 hours.

‘Chain of Accidents’ came in 4th place in its genre and came with reviews from the judges.

The results of the competition can be viewed at the link below..

Here is what the judges had to say about the screenplay ‘Chain of Accidents’ written by Terri-Lyne Gedanitz.

 Dear Terri-lyne Gedanitz,

”The feedback from the judges on your Short Screenplay Challenge 2017 submission from Challenge #1 is below.  We hope you find the feedback helpful and best of luck in Challenge #2 kicking off in
approximately 12 hours!


‘CHAIN OF ACCIDENTS” by Terri-lyne Gedanitz –  


WHAT THE JUDGES LIKED ABOUT YOUR STORY – {1610}  ~ You managed to make “a dark & stormy night” truly fearsome and not at all hackneyed, as it could
easily have been.

~ Given that, true to the Suspense genre, you gave us heads-up on the violent nature of the ware-house’s inhabitant, it was chilling to have Becky destroy her only means of communication.

~ The sociopath’s death scene was adequately karmic!  {1651}  This has all of the elements of a great suspense story, including giving the audience information that the main character does not know.
I really enjoyed Becky’s strong female character that felt genuine and organic, not some kind of typical movie trope.  {1739}  The slapdash way Becky kills an apparent serial killer without even meaning to is quite amusing.”

To view the screenplay please click the link below 


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