He sat there in the middle of a small empty dark room. Legs crossed with his hands resting gently on his lap, his back stiff as a broom.

The vastness of the dark drowning out any light – a force so powerful there wasn’t a fight.

He pulls out a candle from his pocket, that is white. He lights it and places it in front of him, to his right. The flame burning bright, flickering in the night. Crackling, warning of its bite.

The dark and light, Both struggling for the spotlight, expose that no secrets were in sight. Its promise of silence blighting the night. Shadows born, mixing the black and white.

He sat in silence with a clear open mind, watching the flame give sight to the blind.

It sang of the promise of life yearning to be seen, with a pure heart and eyes that are keen.

The darkness deafening, attempting to consume all. They struggle to hide each other, giving birth to the shadows and the sight of a man built wall.

He stares into the flame with a curious grin. The shadows dancing on his face and flicker on his skin. There was an end in sight that seemed too bright. It threatened to leave him in the dark for the night.

Peace and fear flowed through the air as he breathed in the heat of the flame and the cold of black dark stare.

Opposing forces giving each other strife; revealing that both are needed to give life.

He pondered of life with just one or the other. Night blinding with no sight and the light blinding without night- Both gave promise to a never ending fight.

He contemplated the plight. Both giving promise of chaos should he lean too far over from either the left or the right.

They threatened to leave him without choice at all, engulfing him in a feeling of a never ending fall.

He pondered the source, realizing he could not choose just one opposing force. The more he thought to, the more he felt remorse.

Again, he pulls out three more candles, that were white. Lighting them, he lines each candle in front of him from left to right.

The room gets lighter and brighter.

Shadows come out to play showing there subtle secrets and the promise of a better day. The darkness warming from the theatrical display, changing the face of the man sitting at bay.

His heartbeat heard from the depth of his own dark soul, to be heard by those who listened in whole.

The night promised peace and silence, and the light promised a fight in defiance. Two opposing forces that formed an alliance.

One without the other, gave no promise of another.

He sits in the middle of a candle lit room. The flames consuming the wax and dispelling the gloom.

He watched in silence as the flames burn down. The light flickering in his eyes and casting shadows all around. Changing his face from a smile to a frown.

As the dance from the candles became slower and lower the room turned darker and starker.

His heartbeat sounding louder as the wick died down to a waxy powder. He breathed deeper as the dark became the keeper.

The flame inside his heart threatened to die if not fed, but could not be silenced even if dead.

The candles burn out and leave a pile of wax on the floor, no light to give witness that there was four.

He sat in utter silence, left in his mind, with the only answer being that in kind.

The darkness could be seen and the coldness felt. The struggle was over and the burning wax was all that was smelt.

There in the darkness, he understood for the first time that both are needed. Both seemingly opposite yet both deeply seeded.

He got up from the floor and stretched into the night taking a deep breath with all his might.

Satisfied and ready to thrive, he took off to strive. Both the cold and heat on his face, he could feel and hear his own opposing forces embrace.

Recognizing both forces needed one another, listening to the dance and bare witness to their mother.

He opened the door on the far side of the room, ready to leave into what could have been his doom.

The vastness of the light drowning out the night – a force so powerful there wasn’t a fight.

The warmth of the light caressed his skin and burned his eyes. It welcomed him into its arms and embraced him with all that was wise.

He disappears into the light, blinding his sight, leaving behind him the night.

He walked directly into the promise of a never ending fight, leaving behind the calmness of the night.