Written by: Terri-Lyne Gedanitz

It didn’t seem like a dream. The sun was bright and hot and burned the irises of my eyes. The grass as green as it ever was. I wore my favourite pink sun dress as I stood at the edge of the large park across from my home, staring at a swing set in the middle of it. It wasn’t a cheap swing set, but it wasn’t an expensive one either. The legs rested on the grass and always threatened to tip if you swung too high.  There was no soul in sight. Track marks visible under the swing as evidence that many children played here.

I floated over and sat on the swing, rocking my legs slightly, back and forth. Back and Forth. Ever so lightly I would raise my legs to gain height until I got so high the legs of the swing would start to shift and bounce as though dancing to invisible music. A dash of energy coursed through me like a lightening bolt and I pushed harder into the air.  The wind caressing my face, flipping my hair forward than back.  Forward than back. My dress swaying back and forth. Back and forth. I push faster and harder, extending and retracting my legs in front and behind.  Front and behind. Not a care in the world, I engulfed myself in the feeling of utter peace and enjoy the wind kissing my body. The thump of the swing set legs snaps me out of my reverie as they raised and lowered.  Raised and lowered. I opened my eyes and watch with shear intensity, the legs go up and down. Up and down.  It threatened to tip if I moved anymore and I stop pumping my feet back and forth.

A flash of light from under one of the swing legs catches my eye.  I slow to a stop as I push all my weight forward and drag my feet on the grass. I was curious as to what was under the leg of the swing. I investigate and lift the leg up.  It was light and made of thick aluminum. Under it lay a shiny new loonie that glistened in the rays of the sun. I picked it up and inspect it, a smile forms on my lips.

I wake with the sun beaming in on my face from my bedroom window, piercing through my eye lids. Turning darkness into a flash of yellow light. The blinding glare reflecting off my eyes as I open them.  It was beautiful, calming and painful all at the same time. I felt the heat of its rays kiss my face. I push off the blankets and stretch, soaking it in. The beams warming me ever so slightly. It was the perfect morning after a perfect dream. I was in no hurry to leave this peaceful moment but at the same time I couldn’t wait to play outside and enjoy the sun. With confidence that the sun will greet me throughout the day, I slowly put on my sun dress and join the family for breakfast in the kitchen. I remembered the dream and felt it all too real. It was a good dream and I woke refreshed and feeling as though this day was going to be a great day.

I hurried through breakfast and skipped outside to the swing set in the middle of the park. As in my dream– it sat alone with no one in sight. I hurry over and sit on the swing, lightly swaying, allowing the weight of my torso to swing it, back and forth.  Back and forth. I didn’t try to go high. I didn’t try to sway my legs. I was remembering my dream as I observed the leg of the swing set. I wasn’t sure why or what made me look — but I had to. It wasn’t like I believed my dreams were visions or that I had power to manifest them, but I had hope that miracles existed. I got off the swing and lifted the leg up.  To my utter disbelief — there was a loonie. A one-dollar Canadian coin. Excited, I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. Without a second thought I ran to the nearest ice cream store and bought a cone.

On my walk back, as I was eating the cone, I thought of how strange the circumstances were. Was it a coincidence? I pushed the thought away until the next day. The day repeated as the day before, except I did not sit on the swing this time. I half believed another was going to be there and I half believed it wasn’t. I surely hoped it was. I lift the leg. Again, to my bewilderment there was another dollar coin. I pick it up and put it in my pocket. I didn’t run to the store this time. This time I sat on the swing, in silence, and thought of the strangeness of the experience. Where did it come from?  Did someone put it there? Was someone watching Me?  Is my dream coming true? I couldn’t wait till the next day to see if I would find another.

I went to sleep that night with many questions. I woke up with the same thoughts and repeated the day. I finished my breakfast and rushed to the swing set. Before I lifted the leg I investigated to see if anyone was watching. There was not a soul to be found. I lifted the leg –for the third time. I was excited to think that this would be an everyday thing.  That I’d wake up daily to find a dollar and buy an ice cream. That I had somehow, mystically made the dollar appear. Thoughts of the impossibilities clouded my mind as I looked under the leg. At that very moment all my hope slid under it. This time there was nothing — leaving me wondering, day after day. Day after day.