Be Mindful of your actions towards yourself and of others. Every action plays a part in your outcome and in anothers.

Terri-Lyne Gedanitz

Terri-lyne Gedanitz is an Author of Fantasy, Horror and Thriller screenplays and books for both adults and teens, including The Dream Writer and her upcoming YA graphic novel and coloring book series, Karmic. She was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and has lived half of her life in Vancouver, Canada.
She started her career in film as a talent agent for background and commercials in her 20s and then branched out in her 30s to become a casting director for music videos and films such as Selfie From hell, Wrecker and In The End. She has developed, owned and operated several small businesses since the age of 18, with her latest; Karmics Karma Shop, inspired by her new character driven series, Karmic; who is Karma incarnated.

When not writing, casting or working on her businesses, she can be found writing poetry, painting, gardening, helping out the homeless, volunteering in film, taking care of her family and pets and taking long nature walks dreaming of what her next project will be.

She dedicates most of her time to expanding her new Karma series into merchandise, schools and writing more books to the series. She aspires to have it come to life on screen and in games.

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